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A tool to understand the stock itself :

Why use a screening tool? There are two things you want to consider while analyzing a stock. One is the technicals and the other the fundamentals of it. For the technicals, I have written a blogpost of how you can use the site. In this post, I will explain how to analyze the fundamentalsContinue reading “A tool to understand the stock itself :”

Which broker to use?

In India, when it comes to choosing stock market brokers, we are spoilt for options. There are at least 8 reliable brokers in India. Angel broking HDFC securities ICICI direct Kotak securities Motilal oswal Share Khan Upstox Zerodha And many moreā€¦ My top 2 picks in the above list include Zerodha and ICICI direct. WhyContinue reading “Which broker to use?”

Which trading software to use?

There are many different softwares that provide basic charting services. But I prefer to use TradingView for my charting. I have been a TradingView free user for more than 5 years now. Why TradingView as a charting tool? Free to use- with even 1 min charts Stores all chart drawings one does Alerts when priceContinue reading “Which trading software to use?”