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I am a stock market enthusiast, passionate about the process of creating wealth with over 10 years of experience in the Indian Stock market.

Hi There! 👋

Welcome to the Trendline Investor Blog.

Investing in stocks means you are risking your hard-earned money. But, with a well-defined process you will not only stop losing money, but also make money. And, if that is done at the right levels you can even compound your money continuously for years.

Through this blog, I would like to share my learnings and observations of how you can create wealth through the use of simple processes.

What can you find here?

In this blog you will find a wide range of content that I have curated to help you develop a structured approach to trading/ investing.

Some other interesting content…

✉️ Weekly Newsletter

In the weekly newsletter, I cover the market outlook, a key sector to watch out, my top 4 stock picks of the week and an educational series on trend following.

📈Trade with Trendline Investor Series

The game gets real here! I trade with a capital of 1 lakh and share the trades that I take. This series is focussed on positional trading with an aim to learn key risk management tips and tricks- my mantra for success in markets!

📹 Weekday Youtube Live

You can join me live every Monday to Friday at 11PM IST on Youtube. It’s a live Q&A session where you ask me your questions/ recommendations on your stock portfolio.


You can find latest insights along with my take on trending stocks, nifty outlook, simple strategies, trendline analysis and much more @dmdsplyinvestor.

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