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Descending Triangle Pattern

In this week’s blogpost, I will be writing about another simple pattern which is the opposite of the ascending triangle pattern and can give good returns if spotted correctly. This pattern could be a difficult pattern to trade in an up trending stock, compared to the previous patterns I’ve covered. This is because the descendingContinue reading “Descending Triangle Pattern”

Ascending Triangle Pattern

In this week’s blogpost, I will be writing about another simple pattern that can be easily identified and which can reward you handsomely in the short and long term depending on the duration of the pattern. The ascending triangle pattern would reward well in a strongly trending stock. How to spot an Ascending Triangle pattern?Continue reading “Ascending Triangle Pattern”

Inverted Head and Shoulders Pattern

In this blogpost, I will be covering a very important and a reliable pattern formation that can help you in identifying stock reversals or stock bottoms. This is also my most favourite pattern. It has helped me identify some really good stocks specially after the Mar’20 crash. This chart pattern occurs when the stock isContinue reading “Inverted Head and Shoulders Pattern”

Afraid of a market crash? What should you do!

What should your plan be in case the market continues to go down further? Do you know what your plan is if the stock you are holding starts moving down? There have been millions of new investors in the markets in the recent times and there is a high probability that you are one amongContinue reading “Afraid of a market crash? What should you do!”

Identifying Stock strength through Relative Strength

Many people have been asking me how to find stocks that will outperform the markets. So today, I thought of answering this question. Defining Outperformance We say that a stock is outperforming the market when: Nifty is going up, but the stock is going up much faster than Nifty Nifty is going down, but theContinue reading “Identifying Stock strength through Relative Strength”

CCI & Pivot based Investment Strategy

On the occasion of the 10th edition of the Weekly Newsletter, I thought of sharing a simple yet effective investment strategy that you can follow for investing. Here are the tools and indicators that we will use for this investment strategy. Commodity Channel Index (CCI) Indicator This is an indicator that displays the momentum ofContinue reading “CCI & Pivot based Investment Strategy”

Log vs Linear scale in Charting

One of the most frequent questions asked is: “When should I use Log vs Linear scale in Charting?” and “What does it mean?”. This is the most important thing when it comes to charting and if you don’t use the right scale then you might not really understand what’s happening in the price and youContinue reading “Log vs Linear scale in Charting”